Knowledge Management

There are numerous sources of information about mining and its consequences: We are tapping these to develop new findings.

Our Knowledge Management project is concerned with the collection, sorting and evaluation of all information sources relevant to the field of post-mining. Current activities here include the compilation of an online specialist post-mining database. The aim is that anyone with an interest will, in future, be able to use keywords to browse this diverse range of literature and media.

In 2018, we modified “FAUST", a database and retrieval system, to meet the requirements of the FZN. We have also successfully pushed forward with the development of our “Post-mining” thesaurus, alongside the establishment and expansion of the internal archive, and we have digitalised numerous items of media – ranging from old mining glossaries to the historical mine drawings. In this way, we are attempting to bundle post-mining know-how in one place, and make it available for future generations.

Another important component comes in the form of a cooperative project that allows the FZN to use the “Digital Service Files” of the RAG AG corporation. This is a geo-information tool that supports meta-searches of geo-spatial and time-related data and documents within a range of data sources.