What we do

Within the Research Center of Post-Mining, we combine expertise from all fields in our quest to shape the post-mining era. This is why our team is staffed with experts in mining, geology and geo-technology, hydrogeology, chemistry, electrical engineering, materials science, land development, mine surveying and economics, all working closely with one another. It is around this core that we have established a broad, inter-disciplinary network.

The Team

"We identify the new opportunities that lie within the old mine shafts."

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For tomorrow:
Knowledge Management

Rather than just preserve knowledge, we want to put it to new purposes.

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Our facilities and equipment

Special lab

With our Geotechnology and Post-mining Lab, we are perfectly equipped to perform analyses and field tests – ranging from soil mechanics to hydrochemical investigations.

Borehole camera

Explosion-proof, pressure-resistant to 50 bar and fully pivotable: Our digital borehole camera allows us to penetrate down to more than 500 metres below the ground. These deep-lying measurements help give us a detailed understanding of the water resources existing in the region.

Deep-sea probes

We use robust deep-sea probes with extremely long special cables to measure and monitor the underground rise of minewater over a long period of time.


Our cooperations

Our post-mining research activities see us collaborate with partner universities, enterprises, public authorities and confederations.

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