Our research focuses

We investigate post-minig where it takes place - in the field, the lab and even from outerspace.

Perpetual tasks and minewater management

Through our investigations, we establish a comprehensive understanding of the hydrological system of former mining environments to facilitate the sustainable management of mine water, groundwater and surface waters.

Geomonitoring in post-mining

We develop technology and methods perfectly tailored for monitoring post-mining activities. Therefore we combine a diverse range of geoinformation by using drones, satellites, sensors and robotics.

Material sciences for the preservation of cultural heritage

For the preservation of industrial culture, we investigate the aging processes of materials. In the best case, the decay can not merely retarded, but completely stopped. So new chances arise from old shafts.

Reactivation and transition

We analyse the political, economic and legal frameworks needed to successfully reactivate former industrial locations and their infrastructures. By that we consider regional and municipal objectives, as well as the involvement of the general public.

Aktuelle Projekte

Auswirkungen des Grubenwasseranstieg auf die Methan-Ausgasung

Neue Analyseverfahren zur Untersuchung von PCB

Projekte im Forum Bergbau und Wasser

Monitoringsystem für untertägige Kavernenspeicher

PostMinQuake: Monitoring mikroseismischer Erschütterungen

Proof of Concept: Bodenbewegungen detektieren

Nachbergbau-Monitoring von städtischen Infrastrukturen

Digital Twin: Geomonitoring meets Industrie 4.0

MuSE: Multisensor-Geomonitoring für Poldergebiete

OCT project for non-destructive material testing

Zerstörungsfreies Monitoring historischer Stahlfördertürme

hcc.ruhr - Heritage conservation center Ruhr

POTENTIALS: Neue Ideen für alte Industrien

USAMIN: Use of Abandoned Mines (Weiterbildungskurs)

TRIM4Post-Mining: Transition Information Modelling System

Grubenwasser-Monitoring mit Sonden aus der Tiefsee

Evaluierung von Grubenwasser-anstiegsprozessen

Prototyp-Entwicklung: Mineberry-System zur Schachtüberwachung

Dichteschichtungen im Grubenwasser des Ruhrgebiets

RE-ACTIVATE: Reaktivierung ehemaliger Bergbauflächen

Analyse der wasserführenden Stollen im südlichen Ruhrtal

Severability of harmful substances from minewater

Joint monitoring in the post-mining setting

Our publications

Active knowledge management is one of the most important parts of our remit. Here is a list of our publications in the exciting field of post-mining.

List of publications