Our research focuses

We investigate post-mining from all angles - in the field, the lab and even from outerspace.

Perpetual tasks and minewater management

Through our investigations, we establish a comprehensive understanding of the hydrological system of former mining environments to facilitate the sustainable management of mine water, groundwater and surface waters.

Geomonitoring in post-mining

We develop technology and methods perfectly tailored for monitoring post-mining activities. Therefore we combine a diverse range of geoinformation by using drones, satellites, sensors and robotics.

Material sciences for the preservation of cultural heritage

For the preservation of industrial culture, we investigate the aging processes of materials. In the best case, the decay can not merely retarded, but completely stopped. So new chances arise from old shafts.

Reactivation and transition

We analyse the political, economic and legal frameworks needed to successfully reactivate former industrial locations and their infrastructures. By that we consider regional and municipal objectives, as well as the involvement of the general public.

Current Projects

WaterSense: Optimizing blue-green infrastructure

MuSE: Multisensor geomonitoring for polder areas

KoKo Zollverein: Copter flights on the coking plant

POMHAZ: Risk management for mining regions

Research cooperation Monitoring Epe

OCT project for non-destructive material testing

hcc.ruhr: Heritage Conservation Center Ruhr

WINTER: Management tool for coal regions in transition

GreenJOBS: Smart reuse creates new jobs


HEI4S3-RM: Innovation beschleunigen

Mine water monitoring with probes from the deep sea

Evaluation of mine water rebound processes

Prototype development: Mineberry shaft monitoring system

Density stratification in mine water of the Ruhr area

RE-ACTIVATE: Reactivation of former mining areas

Analysis of the water-bearing adits in the southern Ruhr valley

Severability of harmful substances from minewater

Joint monitoring in the post-mining setting

Monitoring system for underground storage caverns

PostMinQuake: Monitoring of microseismic tremors

Post-mining monitoring of urban infrastructures

BIMSAR: Monitoring for the preservation of buildings and infrastructure

Sensitivity analysis: Which factors influence the rise of mine water?

Auswirkungen des Grubenwasseranstiegs auf die Methan-Ausgasung

New analytical methods for examining PCBs

Proof of concept: detecting ground movements

C2M2: Climate Change-Monitoring and Management

Digital Twin: Geomonitoring meets Industrie 4.0

POTENTIALS: New ideas for old industries

USAMIN: Use of Abandoned Mines (education course)

TRIM4Post-Mining: Transition Information Modelling System

Non-destructive monitoring of historic steel winding towers

MuM|Indukult Ruhr: Preserving industrial culture

Our publications

Active knowledge management is one of the most important parts of our remit. Here is a list of our publications in the exciting field of post-mining.

List of publications