The history of mining is long - but the history of post-mining will be much longer. We help to shape it!

For five years now, we at the THGA´s Research Center of Post-Mining have been working intensively on the questions that mining leaves us. With our comprehensive investigations, we make former mining regions fit for the future. We are also becoming more and more complex and discover new chances in old shafts.

Since 2015 the Research Center has been pooling the necessary know-how to shape the consequences of mining in a technically, economically and environmentally friendly manner. In our interdisciplinary team around 40 independent experts in mining, geology and geo-technology, mineral deposit science, hydrogeology, chemistry, electrical and information technology, materials science, land development, mine surveying and economics, all working closely together. This is the core around which a broad, inter-disciplinary network has been established within Germany.

Rather than just preserve knowledge, we want to put it to new purposes! That is why the Research Center produces highly regarded studies and scientific publications every year.
More than 100 scientific publications have been published in the last five years. We also share our latest findings at specialist conferences, are involved in working groups and committees and advise affected regions on structural change. This is how we create an integrated knowledge management with foresight.

Our cutting-edge research in the field of post-mining is in demand worldwide. After all, more and more countries are interested in a sustainable approach to active and former mining sites. Ideas and technologies for innovative subsequent uses or for long-term monitoring of mining consequences can be marketed globally. Because of that we are in constant dialogue with our with our international partners - from Europe through Asia to Pretoria (South Africa) around 9,000 kilometers away. And the findings we arrive at here, also contribute to making future minig processes more environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

We work closely with (former) mining companies, authorities, water and regional associations, industrial companies, engineering service providers and international and national universities. Here we carry out important contract research and prepare independent reports. During the last 5 years we have processed more than 50 sovereign and economic projects. In doing so, we are constantly identifying new research questions that drive us to investigate post-mining in all of its facets.

Post-mining is complex - that's why we are too! In the beginning, our focus was still on researching the so-called perpetual tasks of the hard coal mining industry, but we have expanded our focus to this day. From our integrative approach result four research areas: Perpetual tasks and minewater management, Geomonitoring in post-mining, Materials science for the preservation of the industrial heritage as well as Reactivation and transition.

New brochure

In our new bilingual brochure, we introduce you to the many facets of our research. Find out on almost 30 pages what Post-Mining actually means and how we practice active knowledge management. Our FAQs also give you a good overview of the most important questions about perpetual tasks, mine water & Co.


What will happen to the Research Center? What are the future challenges? Read the interview with Prof. Dr. Ulrich Paschedag. Interview mit unserem Leiter Prof. Dr. Christian Melchers.

Prof. Dr. Christian Melchers

„Es geht um nicht weniger als die Zukunft.“


Julia Haske

A ‚green‘ China can advance the whole world


Prof. Dr. Tobias Rudolph

"Post-mining is a big, challinging puzzle."


Prof. Dr. Michael Prange

"But not everything can be preserved."


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